Bitmove - Anne Frank - Free 2 Choose
Bitmove - Anne Frank Museum – Free 2 Choose

On May 3rd 2010, The Anne Frank Museum celebrated its 50th anniversary. As part of the festivities the renewed interactive exhibition ‘Free2Choose’ was opened. This exhibition challenges the visitor to give his/her opinion and vote. What happens when fundamental rights clash? The ‘Free2choose’ film presentation shows 8 actual dilemmas from around the world where fundamental rights collide with safeguarding the democratic rule of law. The question to the spectator is: when should freedom be given priority?For Jaap Tanja, responsible for the Free2Choose Exhibition in the Anne Frank House, the aim of the interactive exhibition is to create awareness and discussion about 8 current issues from around the world.

The interactivity involved in voting on the dilemmas forces people to think about these issues and express their opinion. The experience can be shared between 36 voters at the same time, and as a result, when they are finished a discussion between them is easily initiated. In the first month alone, over 10.000 visitors expressed their opinion through the Free2Choose application.