Bitmove - Heineken - Design your own

Bitmove introduced a great new addition to the Heineken Experience: ‘Design Your Own’. With this interactive application, visitors to the Heineken Experience can create a personal and fun souvenir of their visit. By using a green screen setting, one to five visitors can be digitally placed in four different themes related to the Heineken Experience, the brand, music, sports and the city of Amsterdam. Visitors can then order a T-shirt, photo or other merchandise with their personalized Heineken setting on it. This fun and memorable picture can also be emailed to the participants and forwarded to friends.

After completing the Heineken Experience tour, visitors can pick-up their t-shirt in the souvenir shop. The ‘Design Your Own’ application gives Heineken the opportunity to offer fun, relevant and personalized souvenirs that visitors can take home and wear right away. Heineken’s message is spread through the participants’ real life and online social network. ‘Design Your Own’ provides the Heineken Experience with another fun, interactive application as well as an added source of revenue.