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De Wereld Draait Door

By tv
Check out the Dutch talk show ‘De Wereld Draait Door’ tonight at 7 PM on Ned1. A new project we’re working on at the Royal Palace Amsterdam will be discussed. Exciting!! DWDD: This summer the Royal Palace Amsterdam temporarily opens the Chambers of the Council of War to the public. These Chambers used to house eighteen Civic Guard Paintings of which Rembrandts’ The Night Watch is most famous. After 200...
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Kerneel Journaal

By news, tv
For an elementary school in the south of Holland Bitmove developed a news application together with TAXI. The idea TAXI came up with is to let pupils record their own news items choosing from several categories. Afterwards a teacher can easily look at the videos with an online monitoring tool, select the items that can be compiled into the final video and publish the news on YouTube. This stand-alone application...
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