bitmove - The dutch horticulture

In 2011 The Dutch Horticulture launched a 3D website where visitors can discover this diverse and fascinating industry through an interactive ‘Horticulture World’. For the 2012 World Horticultural Exposition – Floriade – an eight by ten meter scale model of this world was created. Bitmove and KONG were challenged to develop a concept that would make this scale model interactive and engaging. The aim was to attract visitors, keep the visitors’ attention and leave a lasting educational message. The approach was a game – visitors were asked questions about Dutch horticulture and the answers could be found inside the world.

Four game consoles were placed around the scale model, using a range of questions related to different segments in the industry. By looking for, aiming and shooting at the answers, interaction with the scale model was established. The game was played close to 100.000 times. Participants had fun discovering the world of horticulture resulting in better insight in this fascinating industry.