Bitmove - Royal Palace Amsterdam

After 200 years the Royal Palace Amsterdam opens the Chambers of the Council of War to the public. In the Great Chamber of the Council of War 7 of the original 11 Civic Guard Paintings are reunited in a historical reconstruction. The entire reconstruction can be viewed through so called ‘magic windows’. The magic windows show visitors what the space would have looked like with all 11 Civic Guard Paintings present. By turning the interactive screens and pointing in a direction of the space visitors can look into the digital 3D model at the exact same angle and click on paintings for moreinformation. Within the paintings ‘points of interest’ give more in depth information and facts about the paintings and the space itself.

The magic windows are an intuitive tool which allows visitors to find out more about the paintings and the original setting. Participants can collect in groups around the large interactive screens and discover the space and the paintings together which make the exhibit an interesting as well as social experience.

 A stripped down version of the Magic Window can also be seen online: