In 2014 it is 85 years ago that Anne Frank was born. Anne Frank Museum wanted to take this moment as an opportunity to look back on what Anne Frank means to the public. A space in the museum was turned into an inspiration video gallery where contributors talk about how Anne Frank has inspired them or influenced their life or way of thinking. Bitmove built an interactive guest book application where visitors of the Anne Frank Museum can be inspired by quotes of others, read what other visitors have written and contribute to the guestbook themselves.

An important goal of this installation was to create valuable and meaningful user content. Anne Frank Museum is able to moderate the guestbook content and only allows contributions that fit their idea on the purpose of the guestbook.

In the first two weeks already, great content was generated and over 1100 contributions were approved. The quiet space and relaxed manner in which the application can be used allows visitors to sit back and really take a moment to write down their thoughts on Anne Frank.

The guestbook application was also publicly available online where contributions from all over the world can be read. Through this tool Anne Frank Museum visitors can exclusively contribute to the guest book at a later time as well.